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Welcome to our new Lindsay Golf and Country Club website.

The Board of Directors decided last June to end our relationship with Golf Now, a discount golf tee time provider. It just wasn’t working to our benefit and many members had expressed their displeasure with our Club being perceived as a “discount golf course”.

Then why didn’t we end the ties to Golf Now early in the golf season? A few years ago, when we entered into the agreement with Golf Now; part of that agreement was Golf Now would design a web site for the Club. Keeping this in mind, we could not dismiss Golf Now until we had our own web site design.

The Board of Directors began the process early this past summer by determining what should be included in the web site, we wanted it to be easier to navigate, to have a larger calendar page, larger photographs, fewer pages, we wanted the web site to be mobile active, and so on. Next the Board researched finding an appropriate web site provider who would be able to meet our long list of requirements and stay within our budget.

It has been a long process and a definite learning experience for all Board Members; but here you have it. Please keep in mind, the web site is fluid and we intend to edit, delete, add and massage the web site during the coming season. Your input is always welcome; email comments to

The Board wishes to announce this has been a most exciting year; the following will serve as a synopsis of some of our accomplishments in the year 2016:

  • We have a new web site
  • We have a new kitchen manager - Darla Kennedy
  • Our club professional/general manager, Russ DaSilva has agreed to a new three year agreement
  • We have ordered twenty-two new golf carts for delivery in the Spring
  • We had twenty more wedding bookings compared to the previous year
  • Two of the riding bridges have been refurbished
  • New sand was delivered to all our green side bunkers
  • The bunker walls on holes 4 and 6, 7, and 15 were made safer
  • We have a new range ball picker, and two new turf machines
  • We have purchased new range balls
  • We continue to have a very extensive Junior Golf Program
  • We have ordered new score cards and hole by hole course information booklets
  • Our first annual memorial golf event held in August was a huge success
  • The Memorial Gazebo is under construction

The Board wishes to express our appreciation to the volunteers who have continued to maintain our beautiful gardens, who repair divots in the tee boxes and also those involved with the removal and trimming of the undergrowth from certain designated holes.

During the golf season the Club had many weddings, special events, sponsored tournaments and so on. On these occasions, members are no doubt inconvenienced. It is much appreciated when members are conscious of these events and are both considerate and courteous of our visitors. These events help “pay the bills”, therefore helping to keep your membership cost fair.

Future challenges will need the attention of the Board: the walking bridges and the ash trees.  Please note -  the large trees along our entrance driveway are ash trees. These identified challenges are high on our agenda. Maybe you would consider putting your name forward, to be a member of the Board of Directors, at our next Annual General Board Meeting on Wednesday, May 24th (7:00)

Sincerely submitted

Your Board of Directors

Ron Henning – President

Bob Armstrong – Vice President

Erik Ellis – Treasurer

Cathie Tummon

Clarke Tummon

Paul Tomlinson