Welcome to the Lindsay Golf and Country Club website

Membership at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club will bring many pleasurable hours with family and friends. Consider joining today! Check out this website for all the benefits and our special events. You won’t be disappointed!

The Board wishes to say “thank you” to the Men’s Committee for their financial contribution towards the website development cost.

In addition, we also want to express our appreciation to the volunteers who continue to maintain our beautiful gardens, repair divots in the tee boxes and those involved with the removal and trimming of the undergrowth from certain designated holes.

During the golf season the Club has many weddings, special events, sponsored tournaments, receptions, luncheons and dinners. On these occasions, members are no doubt inconvenienced. It is much appreciated when members are conscious of these events and are both considerate and courteous of our visitors. These events help “pay the bills”, therefore helping to keep your membership cost fair.

Please keep in mind, the web site changes regularly to keep you up to date on all the events. Your input is always welcome. Email comments to

Sincerely submitted

Your Board of Directors