Thursday Molson Senior Men’s League


Molson Seniors Men’s League 2022

Starting Date: May 12th 9:00 AM Shotgun

Sign up located in the pro shop

*First Tee Time 30 minutes after course opening*


If you are interested in joining
email either:

Ken Lynes:


Ted Clarke:


Looking forward to a
fun 2022 season!

Molson Senior Men’s League Guideline (2022 Revision)

The following notes describe how the Senior Golf Group functions to allow us to define to everyone how things will function through the year.


The Men’s Senior Golf games are to be played on Thursday morning starting about 30 minutes after the course opens.

A sign-up sheet will be provided to allow players to select a tee time for the following week. Tee Times for the current week should be placed on the bulletin board in the Pro Shop (and/or Club House) no later than the Monday of that week (usually placed after current week’s game). Allowance will be made to allow people to sign up on sheet during the week prior to game. The sheet will be taken down prior to start of the Thursday game.


The season will consist of about 20 events through the season with 2 of the events being special events.

  • Opening                  scramble, shot gun start with breakfast before
  • Closing                   scramble, shot gun start with meal after

Scores will be kept on an individual basis for all games except above special events (to help establish handicap for Thursdays playing only). Both special events are team games. All games are 9-hole events played on the back-9 holes. For 18-Hole players in our league, only the scores for back-9 holes will be recorded. Tee times will be co-ordinated for best fit for the course.

Team games may consist of either 2 or 4 players. In the case of 4 player teams, if only 3 players are available, one player may hit two balls to even the balls played.

Scramble – players on team each tee a ball, best ball is chosen, all team players hit next ball from that location, and so on until end of hole. One score per team is recorded. Each player’s first shot must be counted at least once per game.

Alternative Game Formats for Specials 

  • Champagne Scramble (Shamble) – first shot is best ball, players play their own ball for rest of shots. Best score used.
  • Better Ball of Best Ball – each player plays the hole as normal. Best score per team is used
  • Alternate Shot – teams of 2 players take alternate turns hitting the ball
  • Match Play – each player of 2-man teams plays their own ball, lowest score is used. If one team has lower score than other team, they win a point. A tie is worth half a point.
  • Alternate Match Play – each team of 2 players plays one ball alternatively. Lowest score wins 1 point, tie is halved.


With the exception of the special scramble events noted above, scores should be recorded for each individual playing to help establish handicaps. A limit should be placed on strokes per hole of no more than three strokes over par per hole.

All each player has to do is keep track of the number of strokes he took on each hole and enter them on the score card provided the group. The scorecards are turned in at the Pro Shop at the end of the game.

Results will be calculated from these scorecards and posted at the beginning of the next week.

Points Handicap System

A Points Handicap System will be established for people playing in the Senior’s games using a modified Stableford system of “3 strokes over par”. For example, once a person has hit the ball 3 strokes over par and can’t obtain any points, he can pick the ball up and card “3 over” for the hole. For a par 4 hole, the maximum number of strokes a golfer is allowed is to enter is 7, so he would enter 7 strokes (3 over par).

The Points needed for the next week will be updated and posted along with the scores at the beginning of the next week. For those interested in how the points handicap for the Senior’s games actually work, see the following comments:

Calculation of Handicaps

The points needed for the Senior Games (designated as PTSn) are recalculated from the standard PGA handicaps because of the points system being used. For example, if the golfer had a PGA handicap of 17, he would be expected to score on average 89 [ 72 + 17 ] on a PAR 72 course. To convert to the 3-strokes over Stableford-style point system on the Lindsay course, I would remove 3 strokes (assume back is 3 strokes easier than the front) and divide by 2 to arrive the number 7. I would expect he would play the back at 7 over [43] and the front at 10 over [46] for his total of 89.

Considering a baseline of 63 (not the Stableford standard 54) for 3-strokes over instead of the standard 2-strokes over. If he shot his 43, he should make 20 points [ 20 = 63-43 ]. So his POINTS NEEDED (PTSn) would be 20.

Updating Points Handicap

The handicap is updated after each game to reflect how the golfer played his last game. The handicap system is weighted so that it goes up faster (rounded half of difference) than it comes down (maximum of 1 stroke reduction).

Example 1

If a golfer plays better than expected (lower score), he would have earned more points. For example, if a golfer had a PTSn of 15 (48 strokes on back9) and shot a game of 43 strokes, he would have earned 20 points (details not provided). He would be 5 strokes better than his handicap for “+5” points [20-15]. He would be eligible for the weekly Payout.

His updated handicap is rounded down to the nearest point. His new adjusted points handicap (PTSadj) for the next week will be PTSn (15) + 5/2 = 17.5 . This is rounded down to 17. So his PTSn for next week will be 17. He needs to make more than 17 points the next week.

Example 2

If a golfer played worse than he expected (higher score), he would have earned fewer points. For example, if a golfer had a PTSn of 15 (48 strokes on back9) and shot a game of 53 strokes, he would have earned only 10 points (details not provided). He would be 5 strokes lower than his handicap for “-5” points [10-15]. He would not be eligible for the weekly Payout.

His updated handicap can only be lowered by one point. His new adjusted handicap (PTSadj) for the next week will be PTSn (15) – 1 = 14 . So his PTSn for next week will be 14. He needs to make more than 14 points the next week

On a Point System, the points accumulated would be as follows

    Shifted Stableford 3-Stroke Scoring

        3 over            0 points

        2 over            1

        1 over            2

        0 over            3                  PAR

        1 under          4

        2 under          5

Handicaps and scoring will be administered by Ken Lynes [designated person at this time]

Payment System

For the 2022 Season, we will be changing the system used last year to increase pay outs each week and improve prizes for the end of the year.

With a membership card [$25], the weekly fee is being increased from $5 to $7. This will increase the weekly pay out for scores to $3 per person [was $2], $1 per person for skins [same] and $3 saved for prizes at end of the year [was $2]. An additional $2 per week will be applied for those opted out of purchasing a membership card. The fee for the membership car [$25] is also saved for prizes at the end of the year. The membership card also guarantees a prize at the end of the year. Without the membership card, a player must play at least 7 games to qualify for the year end prizes.

Payouts for the basic game will use a modified Stableford system (maximum of 3 strokes over par per hole) which is a points system. Payments per person are rounded down to the nearest quarter. Distribution is based on how each person plays against their established Stableford handicap (HCPs). Payouts will be administered by Ted Clarke [designated person at this time].

Handicaps are used for calculating skins. To help balance the chances of winning between members with low handicaps and high handicaps, the league players are divided into two groups [A/B players and C/D players]. The break point between the A/B and C/D groups is chosen to place about half the players in each group.

Payouts will occur at the next scheduled game.

Prizes for Closing Event

Players who have purchased a membership card are automatically eligible for a prize at the end of the season. Those players that have opted not to purchase a membership card must play a minimum of 7 games throughout the season to be eligible.

Petitioning for Changes

Because it is expected that not everyone will be happy with how we are running things, I think we need to create an orderly method of requesting a change. This could be presented to the members running the group (Ted Clarke and Ken Lynes at this time) either verbally or in written form by any of the players. A petition (written page describing requested change and place for Yes/No vote for each player) will be posted for a period of time [say 2 weeks] to allow input [check off YES/NO beside name on sheet]. Acceptance requires a majority YES. [If not signed, assume a NO for player]. If accepted, rules will be updated.